Optika Eyeware | We are your lens specialists in Saskatoon!


Optika works with a variety of lens companies to ensure that you get the type of lenses that you not only want but need as well. Zeiss, Hoya, Riverside, Rodenstock, Seiko and Sola just to name a few.

Lenses are available in a variety of materials to suit individual prescriptions, including those that need to meet safety regulations and/or sport requirements. Prescription sunglass lenses also are offered in a variety of materials, tints and coatings. We handle Transitions lenses as well as polarized lenses.

Coatings while optional are often included in the pricing. All options are discussed at time of ordering, and include the following:

anti-reflection coatings, (sometimes referred to as anti-glare), scratch resistant coating, easy clean coatings such as Duravision Platinum,  EX3 and CHC AR ULTRA etc. as well as UV filters and Blue Light lens treatments being available too. Sunglass tints can be customized for each individual upon request. Polarized lenses are offered in basic colors such as brown or gray but are also available in other colors by request.

Transitions are available in gray, graphite green or brown as well as a version which has a darker intensity. The lenses do remain very clear indoors with the exception of the darker intensity lenses as they have a slight tint for indoor wear. Other Photochromic lenses are also available, such as Drivewear, Rodenstock's Colormatic,  Zeiss's Photofusion and Hoya Sensity.

Specialty lenses such as Zeiss' Drivesafe are also available at Optika.