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Welcome to Optika, have a look at a few of the frame brands we carry below. We have select models from many of the top brands available today, along with a wide selection of unique, vintage frames circa the twenties to the eighties.

When you visit our store, you will find stylish and funky frames like nowhere else, frames that you never could have imagined. Your eyeware will become a piece of art that reflects your personality. You’ll be proud to have a special pair of glasses that you won’t see anyone else wearing. Come find the eyeware you’ve been dreaming of!

Our Brands

Etnia Barcelona is a brand of eyewear which was founded by David Pellicer and is dedicated exclusively to providing its customers with a greater freedom of choice, with a wide range of colours, collections and designs for anyone wishing to express him- or herself beyond the standards imposed by the world of fashion or trends of the times. Etnia currently has outlets in Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Germany, Andorra, Ireland, The UK, Israel, South Africa, Canada, the United States, México, Argentina, Uruguay, Korea, Japan, Finland, Brazil and Australia. Since 2003, its turnover has increased 30 fold, with exports now representing 85% of its production capacity.

This collection was named Xavier Garcia. Although at first it did not seem to me a good commercial name, later I accepted it because there were too many false Italian, French or English brands. With this assignment I started my career as a freelance and straight afterwards I designed frames for brands such as Grasset, Guy Laroche, M. Morel, Oga, Koali, Julbo, Lacoste, Kadima, Victorio & Lucchino, Gaudi or Zen.

Tom Davies is a prestigious eyewear brand without parallel, built on the principles of fit, form and function. Tom started out in the design studio of a small eyewear manufacturer start-up in 1997, building up the design department, as well as innovating the workshop. Tom pioneered the creation of custom frames for his friends and family. he left to start up TD Tom Davies in 2002 and now specializes in fitting frames for people all around the world. Each frame is made to perfection, whether you are choosing to select one of his “ready-to-wear” pieces or selecting one of the made-to-measure collection which is crafted to suit each individual. The ready-to-wear collection features cotton made acetate, ultra light titanium and even luxurious natural horn (see his YouTube videos to show how they create the frames made from horn).

Think 20th Century icons. Grace Kelly. Peter Sellers. Michael Caine in his signature black spectacles. Audrey Hepburn in the big white glasses that framed her elfin face. Iconic style makers – Givenchy, Dior and Vidal Sassoon. Think cult films of the fifties & sixties, The Ipcress File, Harry Palmer, Charade and Two for the Road. Theyve all got one thing in common. Oliver Goldsmith. In the second half of last century, when it came to eyewear, OG was synonymous with stars and style.

Fukui, Japan is one of the three largest production regions for optical frames in the world, along with China and Italy. 97% of Japanese-made optical frames are manufactured in Fukui. Masunaga Optical premiered the production of eyeglasses in Fukui in 1905. The company founder Gozaemon Masunaga brought in skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo with the ambition of setting the optical industry solidly in place in Fukui.s.

Kaleos Eyehunters is a luxury line of eyewear made from titanium as well as acetate. Fashion, innovation and quality are the values inspiring and guiding the collection of sunglasses as well as ophthalmic frames. It is a broad collection of styles, allowing each person to find a look that suits them best, all the while enjoying the comfort and fit of these fashionable and unique frames. Kaleos hails from Barcelona, Spain, the styles range from timeless and understated classics all the way to quirky and unusual modern designs.

Whether sporty, luxurious or fashionable: discover the diversity of the Tavat models and let the innovative products win you over. Tavat skillfully blends iconic design, recognizable from afar, with exceptional functionality. Tavat’s contemporary classics are characterized by their minimal design, their visible technology with a refined style, their reliability, and their timeless touch of originality. Designed in California, handcrafted in Italy. 

Dilem frames offer consumers high quality eyewear with customization for each and every person. Your style preferences, your favourite colour combinations? All options with Dilem. They are made with a specialty plastic called XP2, this hard wearing technical polymer allows the wearer to change temples out for other versions. Funky when you want to be, classic and understated when you need them to be. A variety of styles are available, and the only commitment is to the colour of the front of the frame. You want neutral? Got it, many Dliem frames are available in black, brown, soft gold, or silver. Want fun colour? We’ve got that option for you too! Fronts are available in reds, blues, plums, oranges etc. The styles are plenty, the options are endless! Come in and check them out.

l.a. Eyeworks Uncensored visions since 1979. Limited edition frames for sunglasses and prescription eyewear, designed by Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi. For full freedom of expression, glasses by l.a. Eyeworks conform to no fashion sensibility but your own. Stop looking. Start seeing. Keep fishing. A face is like a work of art, it deserves a great frame. l.a. Eyeworks offer a vast selection of styles ranging from quirky to far out and with names to suit each model. Check out Tuffy from the perforated metal series, or perhaps Toluca or Tuba are more your thing. How about Rialto, a plastic front with a sheet of perforated metal secured to the front? Maybe Magpie is the one for you, cute and playful cat-eyes. Or Cattooth, notches grace the outer edges of this cheerful frame. Be as crazy as you want to be but always look yourself. Stand out from the crowd! The styles are plenty, the options are endless! Come in and check them out.

Exciting, poetic, appealing, stylish, original – 5 words that sum up the LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection. Our quest is to create a unique product, to break free of narrow market diktats and follow our dream of creating a superb collection in which every model is the fruit of meticulous attention to detail, from concept through design and choice of colours to manufacture, the artisan tradition reflected in such exclusive processes as engraving, thermoforming and bonding. Behind these processes is a long history of creativity and hand-crafting, the hallmarks of the Made-in-Italy brand, so loved the world over. The idea for the Trisottica LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection sprung from the heart of the Marca Trevigiana area in Veneto, yet another product reflecting the genius of that centre of high-tech manufacturing that has lost nothing of its creative artisan tradition. The LAMARCA EYEWEAR collection, consisting of five “families”, awaits you on the next pages. Enjoy browsing!

Woow was created as a collection under Face A Face, and has now grown into a strong individual brand for the young and the bold! Between the traditional style and casual fashion, chic and off-beat with a trendy London feel, the Woow style will speak to all those with a sense of humor. The little message inserted in the end of the temple tip is sure to make you smile the first time you see it (and possibly every time you look at it too!)

Make a statement: LINDBERG eyewear tells the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking, and have a connoisseur’s appreciation of exceptional design and high-quality materials. Every frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. As a side note, sometimes we are listed on the dealer locator on the Lindberg website, sometimes we are not, we do still carry them regardless of Lindberg’s website foibles. 

Kirk and Kirk Eyewear The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Sidney and Percy opened their London workshops in 1919, the Kirk Brothers were innovators, not only in frame design but also in the manner in which they were presented. Their couriers were the first to deliver by motorbike, cutting a dash through the streets of 1920s London setting a standard in style and service. Three gerneations later, inspired not only by their heritage but twenty years of passion for eyewear, Jason and Karen Kirk proudly present Kirk & Kirk.

Hand made in France, crafted from acrylic, these frames are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. 

A mashup of my colliding aesthetics with special attention paid to sculpting and tactility. They are artful but wearable. By using laborious production techniques and a lot of handwork, an inner silhouette is encased in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape. This seamless fusion of two frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting form and color create a design tension that is thoroughly modern yet comfortably familiar.

Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira’s approach to fashion redefines style and elegance. Patty Perreira’s language of inspired design focuses on the evolution process and continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the next new thing. 

J.F. Rey is a truly unique and eclectic collection of frame styles for those looking to make bold statements.

Davette’s has a motto of ‘Pretty things want pretty things’ and they are not wrong, Davette’s frames are hand made in France and utilize Swarovski crystals on some of the models. They can also create a unique combination of colours in their signature frames should you wish to create your own combination, of course, one must always check with the factory to find out if the colour selected is available as well as if you want more or less of the crystals on the frames. The bespoke frames will take longer to make and do come with an additional service fee depending on a few factors. Davette’s frame are made in a limited run, with some being only made in runs of 250 frames worldwide. These frames are truly great and it’s a wonderful independent company, check out the website.

A colorful rainbow on top of the sky, a sunset from the Park Guell, the blue of the Mediterranean, a field of violets in the spring. All these images are a source of inspiration to the designer who combines colors with shapes, shaping the act of creation. This is our job and this way of life we have chosen: to create, choose, combine and start over. Because every spectacle that leaves our studio becomes unique. Textures, shapes and colors blend once a traditional way, with different permutations in each frame. Six months later the creation process starts again. The change of season drives us to apply concepts from the previous season in order to re-create something special in the new collection. Some ask for success, but we know that if we stop, we perish, so we live nonstop, evolving with the newest, applying the tradition of what we experienced already and looking for answers always with the same goal: to create the glasses dreamed by each of our customers.

Prodesign Denmark was originally founded in 1973 but ProDesign today is a completely different company compared to back then. Design philosophy, basic values and corporate identity have changed remarkably since the entire organization was restructured in 2000 and it is difficult to make direct comparison between then and now. Today, ProDesign is an ambitious company establishing a growing position in world markets through the ability to quickly recognize and pick up trends, supplying prompt deliveries, efficient inventory management, and support through our Danish headquarters and offices in Hamburg and San Francisco.

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